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Triumvirate Environmental offers pickup service in many states for a flat rate fee per container.  We also invite current Triumvirate customers to participate in this program. See below for simple steps to arrange a pickup.

Pick up service is offered in the following states:

Connecticut Maryland North Carolina
Delaware Massachusetts Pennsylvania
District of Columbia New Hampshire Rhode Island
Florida New Jersey Vermont
Maine New York Virginia


4 Easy Steps:

  1. Find sealable water tight container large enough to fit one or more cartridges.
  • Plastic is preferred. Be aware that shippers may reject or return a container (original box, bag or other) that is leaking or punctured.
  • You may use the boxes and containers that were provided with your replacement cartridges, or any other corrugated box, so long as it is not damaged, and steps are taken to ensure the cartridges do not leak during shipment (such as enclosing in a plastic bag or sealing the openings with tape).
  • Can’t find an acceptable container? Click Order Containers to order from various size containers.
  1. Pack cartridge(s) into container. It is not necessary or recommended to secure loose products with packaging or filler materials. Seal container.
  1. Certify that each container does not contain hazardous material or Regulated Medical Waste.
  • Register or log in - set up or access account.
  • Enter quantity of containers (not cartridges) to be shipped.
  • Print and apply label to side of each container.
  • Note - if you have hazardous waste or Regulated Medical Waste, call Triumvirate Environmental at 1-877-929-9189.
  1. Order Pickup Service  - $80/container
  • Receive pickup date - within 2 business days Triumvirate Environmental will call or email you with pickup service date
  • Bring containers to your shipping department


Checklist of Products Not Accepted

MilliporeSigma and Triumvirate accept ALL MilliporeSigma-labeled and MilliporeSigma-branded LAB WATER purification cartridges and filters.  Items currently restricted from the program include:

  • MilliporeSigma products not used in conjunction with an MilliporeSigma water purification system.
  • MilliporeSigma lab water system parts and system components (plastic shells and panels, for example)
  • Lab water systems or cartridges made by other manufacturers
  • UV lamps
  • Hazardous materials


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